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Be it the Mylai Karpakambal, Tiruppathi Balaji or Thiruchendur Murugan a devotee can hardly get two minutes for a glimpse of the deity’s face leave alone the full figure; one has to always leave with unfulfilled longing. There is a way to overcome it. Just keep the paintings by Silpi in front of you; one can look as long as one wishes to at every little detail of the respective deity of most of the temples of not only Tamil Nadu but the entire country; the properties in the shrine such as the brass oil lamps, silver vessels for the rituals, why even the oil stains on the wall are clearly delineated. No one before or after him could compare favourably with Silpi and his creations.
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Art on used Utensils.

As we all know there are different materials available for doing Art. Paintings or drawing there are lots of mediums like oils Acrylics water colours pastels pencil paper and Canvas but art can also reflect on pebbles & scrap vessels.

Anand started creating paintings on many scrap vessels at his place, instead of selling them as scrap. They are very innovative and interesting, can be utilized for decoration. Interested, Contact +91 8072476825

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Master of Line

All great masters of art have acknowledged the importance of line in art, be it drawing, painting, sculpture or graphics. K.M. Adimoolam, Adi as he was called fondly by friends and associates, was indeed a Master of Line. He had said, “What are my drawings? They mean a lot more than telling something to the viewers through them – the vibrant qualities which are felt when the practical or strong sweeps of these lines pierce through the space, the amazing features indicating the three dimensions, the impressions I had gained from artistic creations from all over the world at different points of time, even though the line behaved in a fragile manner, its fascination which seemed to overpower me – my drawings mark my endeavours to express all these in my own special way”. He further said, “It has been my objective to establish my drawings, be they model studies or my own imaginary compositions, as my own perceptions, bereft of any influences and impressions from others”.
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Passionate Potter.

Young, enterprising and hard working ceramist Gukan Raj continues to earn appreciation and acclaim for his creativity.

Emotion in stone.

A 6” x 6” square and within that space a deeply touching scene - the dead body of Vali surrounded by other grieving Vanaras after he was hit by Rama; the stone surface is somewhat rough, but that does not affect the profoundness of the relief sculpture.
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Fold to Unfold

Spanning across four decades, this article recounts my experience with origami – paper folding. I might switch to different decades at different points in time while you are reading and not necessarily in an orderly fashion.
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Music and Art

Jayakrishnan Unni shares his interest in music and art.

Emotional transformation of Art

“it is easy to depict a figure and write a few lines of poetry. The issue here is that of transforming this and how one does it when there are no examples. I start sometimes with a concrete human figure or even write a few lines of text on the canvas and as the work progresses I realise it is moving slowly towards abstraction, may be semi abstraction; it might perhaps lead me to full abstraction”.
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Kodali Karuppur Kalamkari.

The pandemic has affected every business be it corporate or street vendor. Traditional crafts, many of which are already on the brink of extinction due to lack of patronage, are no exception. One such craft is Kodali Karuppur Kalamkari.Read More

Straight From the Heart...

A sixteen year old boy left his family in 1896 and driven by an inner urge made his way to Arunchala, a holy mountain in South India, a place he never left again. Here he surrendered himself to a newly discovered awareness that his real nature was formless, immanent consciousness.
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